Image depicting a woman fighting with mental illness

Combating depression or another mental health issue can disrupt your life at any time. But during the pandemic, it’s especially difficult to obtain the support and structure you need to stay healthy.

Though turning to Deisy Suarez for wellness and beauty advice is one way to refresh, these other tips can help alleviate mental health challenges, too.

Use Food to Fight Negative Feelings

Changing your diet may not cure your mental health diagnosis, but better nutrition can make a difference.

  • Opt out of the traditional western diet for lower risk of impacting your neural pathways.
  • Learn to prepare foods that are scientifically proven to ease depression.
  • Select healthy comfort foods instead of junk-filled snacks.

Take a Mental and Physical Break

Eating right and getting exercise is essential but giving yourself room to rest is also crucial.

  • Practice self-care while you’re stuck at home.
  • Pamper yourself with a home spa day with products from Deisy Suarez.
  • Tight budget? You can always look to stores like Ulta or Target for spa supplies.
  • Get better sleep to reduce your odds of mental health struggles.

Know Where to Get Help

Sometimes, no amount of self-pampering and snacking can help. Have a plan in place for obtaining support if you need it.

There’s no magic cure for mental health challenges. But when there’s a global shutdown impacting your ability to stick to normal routines, figuring out how to cope can be tough. Fortunately, you can use these resources to cope and even thrive while waiting out the pandemic.