Several High-end Beauty Products

According to Statista, the US’s beauty care products industry was worth almost $59 billion in income in 2014. Whether it’s mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, or nail-polish, there is certainly no lack of items to spend your cash on. Also, you’ll find everyone trying to tempt you with beauty products wherever you go. Whether you stop for groceries, or getting medicines at the drugstore, you will come across cosmetics almost everywhere.

If you are a makeup lover or fond of several other beauty items, you most likely have your go-to products that are always present in your beauty bag, the price of an item can increase ten-fold as you move from the drugstore to luxury brands. Are the high-end products truly better or are you just paying for the fancy label?


The first thing to look at when you go to purchase a new product is the ingredient list. You definitely want to avoid parabens, used as a preservative in many ‘discount’ brands, since they are believed to potentially contribute to breast cancer. But, beyond that, look specifically at the order ingredients are listed, since they are generally listed in order of quantity contained in the product, drugstore products may contain a very small percentage of the skin-loving ingredients and be largely composed of filler ingredients such as silicones and drying alcohols. A better quality product will contain fewer fillers and more quality ingredients such as nourishing oils, plant extracts, etc.. It’s fairly safe to assume if two products have very similar formulations listed, and one is significantly more expensive, you’re paying primarily for the name, and if you’re OK with that, more power to you.


For any makeup look, a good foundation is vital to make your splendid cosmetics work radiate through. For this reason, make sure that you pick a product which meets your needs. You might need full coverage, or maybe you just want to even your overall skin tone, everyone’s needs are different. As a result it’s difficult to say which is better. Remember that designer brands frequently contain more pigment, potentially offer a larger selection of shades to match your skin tone, and often include additional “hero” ingredients in their formulation, such as serums, SPF, or light reflectors, it all depends on your specific needs.

  • Mascara

Truth to be told, there is a treasure of perfect mascaras waiting to be purchased at the drug stores. Numerous drugstore mascaras have very similar ingredients as the high-end brands. Many makeup lovers choose to go for drugstore mascaras over the expensive ones as drugstore mascaras can have a formula that feels light and comfortable, and is much more affordable.

  • Lipstick

Exceptional pigmentation and longevity on your lips are what make a lipstick excellent or bad. Purchasing a lipstick from high-end brands usually includes more moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter to keep your lips from drying out, a common complaint among drugstore lipstick users. This, along with the fact that designer brands are more likely to have the “perfect” shade,  makes the high-end lipsticks worth buying as everyone is concerned about their lip care and fashion.

  • Blush

Fortunately, now the drugstores provide you with a wide variety of blush shades suitable for a wide range of skin shades. Additionally, the ingredients of most blushes are very similar, so spending extra for a name brand gives no real benefit.

Description: The Ultimate MAC Lipsticks Dupes – New Lune

A good guideline to use, is to explore items thoroughly and to spend more cash on the things you decide are worth it to you, or give you the biggest benefit for the dollar. We all tend to believe that high-end makeup products have the best quality ingredients, which results in better application. However, that’s not always the case, so look at each product individually.

Many times, you will come across drugstore products that might be relatively better than the high-end ones. When comparing makeup products, you should consider all the factors and choose which best suits your skin.