Wellbox Lipomassage

Cellulite is unsightly and bothersome to people who have this issue. Although its not painful, the thought of seeing it everyday on your body can be quite depressing. If you want to reduce or get rid of it, there are many treatment options available. Because of this, it can be difficult to choose which is most effective and suitable for you. Several research studies were able to determine the best cellulite treatments available for you.

M’lis Contour Wrap

M’lis Contour Body Wrap Services involves natural and holistic procedures to help clients with different dermatological problems. It works by utilizing circulation and mild pressure to flush toxins and waste materials by detoxing the body internally. With this, toxins accumulated in the cells of the body will be permanently removed in the entire circulatory and lymphatic systems. The M’lis treatment will not only help you slim down, detoxify your body, contour soft areas in your body, nourish your skin, and improve your general health, but it will also reduce the visibility of cellulite as it tightens and tones down your skin.

The treatment helps in the cellulite problem by correctly reducing cellulites through detoxification proves. It addresses the problem by identifying the real causes of cellulites and solving them in a holistic approach. As it reduces the number of visible cellulites, the M’lis wrap will keep the skin hydrated  and will give you a relaxing experience as well.

Woman undergoing M'Lis Contouring Wrap

M;Lis Body Contouring Wrap

M’Lis Detoxifying Body Contour Wraps cost $100 per session or $500 for a package of 6 wraps at DESUAR Spa. You could easily lose cellulite and a couple of inches in weight in just 60-80 minutes of a very relaxing treatment. The results for this method are long-lasting and permanent making the treatment worth it. To keep the results from this treatment, you must maintain a proper diet and a regular exercise routine. You are highly advised to at least undergo three wraps. Also, stay hydrated before and after each procedure.

This treatment is safe. It has undergone numerous research studies before it was designed by a biochemist from the University of California in Los Angeles. The main aim is to target the circulatory system and the lymphatic flow of patients.


Wellbox “S” Body Tissular Rejuvenate Cellulite Endermologie Therapy

The Wellbox S Model is a handy and compact device that could also be an amazing option for reducing cellulite visibility in your skin. It can also be used for anti-aging and slimming because of its firming power. It works by gently stimulating the skin and improving circulation. The Wellbox also has a suction that can strengthen your skin’s architecture and reshape the contour of your body and face. Moreover, the Wellbox Lipomassage LPG Machine can provide a wide range of beauty, health, and wellness benefits that includes reducing the appearance of nables the skin to be smoother, softer, glowing, radiant, wrinkle-free, and have a firmer look.

The benefits of this Wellbox Lipomassage are endless as it also helps in healing after surgery as it stimulates circulation, reduces swelling and bruising, treats lumpiness, and break down fibrosis tissue to improve the skin’s appearance. The product can also relieve the body from aches and pains. It exfoliates and oxygenates the skin as it utilizes the microcirculation mechanism.

Wellbox Lipomassage

Wellbox Lipomassage

The Wellbox Lipomassage offers the most efficient non-invasive professional method that is used by prominent spas, plastic surgeons, and celebrities like Celine Dion, Sharon Stone, and Paris Hilton, to name a few. DESUAR Spa offers this 50-min treatment for $100 per session, or 5 sessions for $450! It can also be used by people with different sensitivity levels. This product was cleared and proven to be safe and effective by the FDA.

Acoustic Wave Therapy

This method uses a handheld device that produces sound waves that can break-up cellulite. This treatment was proven to be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite. However, you have to undergo a couple of therapy sessions to be able to see results.

Woman receiving Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Laser Treatment

There are various types of laser treatments that can address issues on cellulite. There is a slightly invasive laser method called Cellulaze. It is made up of a tiny laser fiber that is inserted into your skin. Upon firing the laser, the energy from the laser destroys the strong bands under the skin that results in cellulite. Also, laser treatment can thicken your skin which is very necessary since thinning of the skin is common in places where cellulite forms. Thickening the skin can also help in diminishing the appearance of cellulite. This method was proven that its effects could last for more than a year. A little dimpling could be observed so it is important that you go back for another treatment.


Primarily used to treat acne scars and similar dimpling, it is a medical treatment wherein a dermatologist inserts a needle beneath the skin to break tough bands under the skin which causes cellulite. This method can reduce skin dimpling and can last up to two years or longer according to a study conducted on 232 patients where 99% of them were very satisfied.

Vacuum-assisted precise tissue release

This treatment also involves breaking the bands under the skin that cause cellulite. The difference is that this method will use a small blade to cut the bands. As a result of the cutting of the tough bands, the tissue will move upward to fill and remove the dimpled skin. Results from this procedure could last for three years or more.

Weight Loss

Even though cellulite is very different from fat, extra weight can make cellulite easily seen. For many people, losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight decreases the amount of visible cellulite. However, loose skin after losing weight can make cellulites more visible. Coupled with  exercise, it does not only make you healthier but will also help you make your cellulites less noticeable. With firmer and more developed muscles, your skin will look smoother and firmer as the muscle replaces the fat.


This is a medical procedure that involves carbon dioxide (CO2) gas being inserted under the skin. Though this treatment could cause discomfort and temporary bruising during the procedure, this method is completely safe since carbon dioxide is different from carbon monoxide which is very toxic. After about eight treatments, there is almost no cellulite visible.

Carboxytherapy in process


Creams and lotions

There are specific creams and lotions that can help in reducing cellulite. Those that contain caffeine are the best for cellulite because they dehydrate cells and make cellulites less visible. Creams and lotions containing 0.3% retinol could also help make cellulites less visible. This is because it helps to thicken the skin. To maintain the results of these products, you must use them every day for at least six months. It is also important to note that before using any product, apply a small amount, and go through a skin reaction test for 48 hours. If you do not get any skin reactions, then that is the time to use the product.

Ionithermie cellulite reduction treatments

This kind of treatment is offered in spas wherein algae and clay are spread on the cellulite. Electrodes are also connected to the area with cellulite so you will be able to feel a mild electric current. The current may feel painful and unpleasant for some people. After that, you will be left in a room wrapped in plastic. This treatment results in the reduction of the size of the treated area which will reduce the appearance of cellulite. It will also make your skin feel toned. However, results for this treatment are short-lived.

Ionithermie treatment

Ionithermie treatment

If you still have difficulty in choosing which cellulite treatment that is suitable for you, try going to a spa or clinic for advice. Skincare experts such as dermatologists or estheticians are always available for you. Their assessments will enable you to decide what is the most effective and fitting just for you.