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We are all so concerned about our daily skincare routine, for but are we giving equal importance to our daily food intake routine too???

“You are what you eat” is a term easily thrown around, but it’s actually a bigger truth than you might think. Our skin condition reflects what we eat and how we look after ourselves from the inside out. Our bodies function best when we fuel it with balanced, healthy, and nutritious food.

The following are the skin conditions you may experience due to poor diet.

Model with close up of dry skin on face
Dry skin
  • Dry skin

A dehydrated body will suck the moisture out of your whole body, including the skin. If your body is running out of the water, your skin will appear dry, flaky, and stretched. If you drink more water and eat hydrating foods, these nasty side effects can be avoided.

Image of rough and uneven skin texture and tone
Rough uneven skin
  • Rough and dull skin

If your diet is lacking certain minerals and vitamins, be ready for dull, rough-textured, saggy, and uneven complexioned skin. The main component of skin structure is collagen, which relies on vitamin C. Eating citrus, and dark leafy green foods can help you regain your beautiful skin. Other vital vitamins and minerals include Biotin, Vitamin E, and Zinc. Beans, nuts, and seafood are good sources for these nutrients.

  • Acne

As well as having a good skincare routine, many estheticians suggest you evaluate your iodine intake if you have frequent acne breakouts. Iodine-rich foods may make the skin more prone to acne breakouts.

Image showing sensitive/inflamed skin on face
Sensitive and inflamed skin
  • Inflamed face

A diet that includes frequent consumption of highly processed food, refined carbohydrates, and TV dinner style foods, can cause mild inflammation in the body and intensify skin problems such as acne, puffiness, and red or flushed appearance.

  • Stretch marks

If you are lacking truly nutritious food in your diet, your body is likely deprived of essential minerals like zinc. And, as you age or gain weight, skin will stretch and leaves you to face the stretch marks and scars. Mitigate these scars and stretch marks with spinach and diets high in zinc content.

  • Saggy-baggy eyes

Alcohol intake dehydrates your body and leads to under-eye bags. Alcohol also reduces your sleeping hours, leaving your body with less time for effective restoration and relaxation.

  • Wrinkled forehead

Top skin experts believe that deep, carved lines on your forehead are an SOS to stop overconsumption of sugary foods. Too much sugar intake, especially refined sugar, breaks the elastin and collagen in our skin, which is necessary to keep our skin firm. 

Image showing the effects of premature aging on the skin
Premature Aging
  • Aging

Eating fast food often deprives your body of the essential nutrients like minerals, proteins, vitamins, and good fats, which means you’re not getting enough, therefore aging your skin.