Female contemplating leaving makeup on overnight

“I’ve not put on that much makeup today, and my skin is still looking fine, even after a long tiring day, it’s ok skip the bedtime cleansing tonight” If you think this way, I swear by the skincare goddess that you are going to damage your healthy skin very soon. Sleeping with a grimy face and makeup can cause extensive harm to your skin, especially during the night.

Let’s get to know how:

  • Makeup can clog the pores

Unremoved makeup embeds itself into your skin pores, and letting it stay there for a whole night will clog your pores. It’s necessary to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin to give those poor pores a chance to breathe, stay clean and healthy.

Closeup image of clogged pores on a cheek
Clogged Pores
  • Chances of breakouts

You are allowing the whole day’s dirt, debris, and bacteria to build up on your skin, which results in inflammation. Sleeping with a face full of makeup (usually oil-based makeup products) will result in blackheads and heinous breakouts.

Woman examining her dull complexion in a makeup mirror
Dull Complexion
  • Dull complexion

Makeup adversely affects the skin if you wear it for longer hours. It will settle down into your fine lines and creases, that everyone’s skin has, and that causes your skin to look dull and grey.

  • Dry and cracked skin

Makeup worn for the whole day sucks the skin’s moisture, this is even worse at night since that is when your body recovers and repairs itself, including your skin. That is a big reason for dry and cracked skin, if you habitually sleep without removing your foundation, concealer, and other products. But, removing it helps your skin to feel light, fresh, and maintain its moisture levels.

Woman examining fine lines and wrinkles on her face
Premature Aging
  • Early skin aging

The skin goes through its healing and rejuvenation process overnight, but makeup chemicals, and all that grime, make this repair process much harder. Due to disrupted collagen production, you will begin to notice fine lines, wrinkles, and fatigue signs appearing sooner than they should.

Sound sleep, with a cleansed face, decreases cortisol (stress hormone) levels, helping skin replenish and repair the daytime damage.

Getting luxuriously glowing skin is as easy as one, two, three!!!

Following the 3 basic steps of a skincare routine are sufficient to get gorgeous skin:

  1. Cleansing to remove dirt
  2. Exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells, and
  3. Moisturizing to balance the skin moisture and pH level.