BRAZILIAN WAX before and after

Before you undergo a Brazilian wax, the first thing to do is look for a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist that has the skill and experience to ensure the best treatment. In case you cannot find one on your own, listen to referrals from friends and family who experienced the same procedure. Look also if there are good review websites available, or you can go and see for yourself nearby salons that specialize in Brazilian waxing. It is best to make sure that you employ a tried and reliable professional.

If you want to wax at home, think twice. While you may be saving a few bucks, you will not get the best results. A professional in bikini waxing knows how to apply wax and remove your hair effectively and safely based on your skin type.

For women, it is best that they visit a spa that focuses on catering to the special needs of women. For instance, waxing can be more painful, and your skin becomes more sensitive when your period is near. Spas that are women-specific are aware of this so they will not perform waxing procedures on you and will advise you to schedule an appointment before your period starts or when it ends.

Before the actual procedure, clean yourself thoroughly. Exfoliate the skin lightly so that dead cells will be removed, and hairs will be prepared before waxing. According to DESUAR Spa founder Deisy Suarez-Giles, it is advisable that you also exfoliate once a week regularly in between waxing appointments. However, do not use lotions or oils around the bikini area the day of your waxing, since they can prevent the wax from adhering well to the hair.

Check if you have enough hair. If your hair is less than 1/4 inch long, do not have a waxing procedure done yet. The wax will not be able to hold the hair and pull it directly from the root which may cause hair breakage.

Take a pain reliever such as a Tylenol 30-45 minutes before your waxing session to make sure that your discomfort will be lessened during the waxing. However, do not consider using Aspirin and Ibuprofen because they are both blood thinners.

Lastly, let your technician know what you want. Inform your esthetician or cosmetologist how much hair you want to remove. Also, be prepared for some pain as it is inevitable even if you had a dose of painkiller. After all, beauty comes with pain.

After your Brazilian Wax, make sure you follow the post-care measures listed below to prevent any damage or complications to your waxed skin.

First, do not touch your newly waxed skin area. According to a waxing expert, Berani Coba, keeping your hands away from the waxed skin can prevent clogging of pores and transfer of bacteria from your hands to the newly waxed skin.

Moreover, take a quick shower to avoid irritation or pimples that may be caused by a hot bath or soaking in water for too long. Similarly, avoid being around too much heat like tanning beds, saunas, or steam rooms for the next two days.

For those who have very sensitive skin, sexual activity is not advised for at least 12-24 hours to prevent any complications in the waxed area. After two days, if the redness is gone, you can do a mild exfoliation. Use a soft washcloth or lather it with a mild body wash. This will prevent ingrown hair. To avoid further irritation, don’t wear tight underwear or pants for at least a few days. Preparation and post-care tips for Brazilian waxing are advisable, especially for first time ladies, to have a pleasant and satisfying experience of this beauty procedure.