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Every day, we make decisions about what we do — and don’t — prioritize. For many, these decisions reflect that we put ourselves last. Indeed, factoring yourself out of the equation is often held up as a virtue — a sign of selflessness or extreme strength of character. In reality, however, putting yourself last can cause serious harm to both yourself and those around you.

It’s true — consistent self-care empowers you to reach your goals and achieve what you’ve been working for. This can make a far bigger impact on those around you than ignoring your own needs ever will. Here’s a look at a few effective forms of self-care you can use to invest in yourself:

Take a Vacation

When was the last time you took a real break? If you’re like most Americans, it was probably a while ago. More than half of workers in the US don’t use up all their vacation days. We live in a culture defined by the endless grind. Unfortunately, that grind has a way of wearing you down. Taking time off to rest and recharge leaves you more energized, more productive, and better able to tackle whatever comes next.

If you’re not comfortable traveling during the pandemic, you should consider taking a self-care staycation right here in Los Angeles. Pick a comfortable, relaxing vacation rental, and take this time to commit to other self-care measures such as staying hydrated and getting a good night’s sleep. You can also schedule trips to some outdoor destinations such as Griffith Park, the Santa Monica pier, or the Venice Beach boardwalk.

Get a Massage

After the year we’ve had, most people have some stress and anxiety pent up within their bodies. Just like you might use talking with a friend to relieve the mental aspects of stress, you need to find a physical way to release the body stress you’ve been feeling. Massage therapy is an absolutely phenomenal way to do this.

DESUAR Spa in downtown Los Angeles can help you release any anxiety you’re holding in your body. In addition to a deep-tissue massage, you can enjoy oil treatments, facials, and scrubs so you unlock full-body peace and relaxation.

Prioritize Physical Needs

One of the most necessary — and most often overlooked — forms of self-care is ensuring you consistently meet your basic physical needs. How many of us can say that we get enough sleep, drink enough water, and eat a balanced diet each and every day? These basic forms of self-care are far too easy to push to the wayside or convince yourself you’ll get to “one day.”

If you’ve been in the habit of skipping lunch or staying up too late, resolve to make a change now. If you don’t start to meet your body’s basic needs, you’re bound to experience stress, fatigue, and even illness. Sleeping eight hours, drinking enough water, and eating three meals (plus snacks) each day won’t solve all your problems. That said, being tired, dehydrated, and hungry can only make them worse.

Practice Mindfulness

Finally, consider starting a daily mindfulness practice. Many people have trouble with mindfulness (at first) since the act of focusing on the present moment runs counter to our ever-planning instincts. However, learning how to live in the now can help focus your mind, reframe your experiences, and help you gain a more honest, less stress-filled perspective on life.

Remember: There’s nothing wrong with making your well-being a priority. Indeed, proper self-care keeps you healthy, energized, and well enough to make a real difference for those around you. Use the tips in this article to treat yourself with the care and kindness you deserve.

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