pregnancy facials

As if being pregnant isn’t difficult enough what with the swollen ankles, stretch marks, and eating everything in sight, your hormones have decided to go completely bonkers. Every woman is completely different, and some develop acne while others suffer from dry, flaky skin. No matter what your plight, DESUAR Spacan help. We have facials designed to specifically target your skin problems.

            The HydraFacial does everything you could possibly want from a facial treatment. It cleanses, peels, extracts, unclogs, degreases, purifies, and you guessed it – hydrates! You will see an immediate difference in the reduction of fine lines and acne. This facial will even your skin tone and nourish while leaving you with gorgeous glowing skin.

            For those with embarrassing acne, DESUAR offers a variety of options. The Acnipur Blemish Solution will help purify and even the complexion by treating the major symptoms. This service starts off with a peel to soften the skin and begin a deep cleansing process. It is then followed by a deep pore extraction, and finishes with a rich, cooling mask to absorb impurities and sooth the skin.

            We all know that our faces are not the only area of our bodies that can be affected by those pesky pimples. Thankfully, we offer a treatment to address what is sometimes referred to as “bacne.” Our Detoxifying Back Facial can help with oiliness and break outs by exfoliating and providing a deep cleanse for that impossible to reach area. You can feel proud in the skin you’re in knowing that you are putting just a fraction of the time and care into yourself that you will put into raising that beautiful child.