Babor Rose Toning Essence, Alcohol-Free Brightening Face Toner with Antioxidant Complex and Vitamin B, to Detoxify and…


Product Description

For All Skin Types. An alcohol free toning essence with natural plant extracts of Rose Blossom that leaves the skin feeling soothed and refreshed. This facial toning essence contains natural plant based extracts of rose and naturally detoxifying extracts of Agrimonies Eupatorium. Natural plant extracts and vitamins such as Allantois, Bisabolol and Provitamin B5 calm, soothe and relax the skin after cleansing. Natural plant extracts of Rose Blossom also provide a balancing effect. Detoxifying Extract of Agrimonies Eupatorium, Allantois, Bisabolol and Provitamin B5 helps calm and relax the skin for skin that looks refreshed and radiant. All natural plant based ingredients such as Apple Fruit Water, Broccoli Extract, Aloe Extract, and Bisabolol serve as a detoxifying blend, while Path enol provides vital moisture. Provitamin B5 helps repair and strengthen the skin. Made in Germany. BABOR is the 2nd most sustainable luxury brand in Germany.

Brand Story

We empower women to be ambitious, determined and in charge, not only in her choice of skincare but in her life in general. BABOR. ASK FOR MORE.