Body Brush – Premium Bamboo Natural Bristle Skin Scrubber – Great Body Massager


Having healthy, beautiful skin is a wonderful thing! Couple that with a refreshed, energized, and joyously tingly feeling after using our brush and well,…you must have a Rengöra Bamboo Body Brush in your hand.

At Rengöra, our motto is “Relax…Find the joy in life!” and we are thoroughly dedicated to making beautifully designed products that help you do just that!

With a Rengöra Massage Brush, you can experience healthy, beautiful skin, as well as stress-free relaxation. You’ll be joyously refreshed and energized after exfoliating, with a radiant and youthful glow to show for it! Our Rengöra Dry Skin Brush, made of natural boar bristles, and soft massage nodules, is wonderful for dry skin brushing and exfoliating. Whether you’re brand new to dry brushing or have been doing it for years, we’re confident you’ll love the luxurious spa-like feel of our brush as it massages your skin.

Using a Rengöra premium dry brush for dry brushing provides you with the incredible health benefit of improving your body’s lymphatic system, which is responsible for helping detoxify your body. The health benefits of lymphatic massage (aka: “dry brushing”) include:
– improving circulation
– stimulating the lymphatic system
– removing dead skin cells
– opening clogged pores
– promoting tighter skin
– reducing the appearance of cellulite
removing ingrown hairs

Please see our e-book that comes with each purchase: Proper Dry Brushing Techniques for directions on how to use our dry brush to get the best results from your dry brushing routine.

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