Lymphatic Drainage Massage

First things first, what is cellulites? As fat cells increase, they push up against the skin. The tough, long connective cords pull down. With this, an uneven surface or dimpling occurs which is called cellulite.  Cellulite, sometimes known a adipose tissue, flab, or puppy fat is a very typical or common and harmless condition of the skin that is visible as a lumpy, dimpled flesh usually found in the thighs, buttocks, hips, breasts, upper arms, and abdomen. These are also characterized by a texture similar to an orange peel or cottage cheese. Cellulite that is severe causes the skin to appear creased and bumpy with regions of peaks and valleys. It is not considered severe cellulite if you are able to pinch that part of the skin where there is cellulite.

The occurrence of cellulite is linked to fibrous connective cords that tether the skin to the underlying muscle with the fat lying between. Where fats accumulate and push the skin up creating dimples or dents. Another contributory factor is the interplay of hormones. Estrogen, insulin, thyroid hormones, noradrenaline, and prolactin are all part of the production process of cellulite. It is said that when estrogen decreases in women especially when they approach menopause, the flow of blood to the connective tissue located under the skin also decreases. The lack of progesterone can often create a cellulite effect. That is why borage oil and other herbal remedies are sometimes recommended to help boost the progesterone hormone. Women who are insulin-resistant, estrogen-dominant, and eat a high glycemic diet are prone to cellulite formation. According to Dr. McQuillan, a noted board-certified physician who specializes in aesthetic, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine, and the founder of The Aesthetic Institute, states that hormone balance may help in preventing or treating cellulite. This is true with regards to insulin, estrogen, and prolactin. While genetics determines skin structure, skin texture, and body type, hormones play a large role in the development of cellulite.

There are also factors such as weight and muscle tone that can affect the presence of cellulite, however, even fit people can have cellulite. Some of the causes of cellulite aside from hormones are poor diet, inactivity, pregnancy, an unhealthy lifestyle, accumulated toxins, weight gain, genetics, and many more. Some food that causes cellulite are refined carbohydrates, processed meats, and sugary snacks and beverages.

Cellulite is very common in women. Women start to develop cellulite just after puberty. The reason why women are more prone to have cellulite is that their fat is usually distributed in the thighs, hips, and buttocks which are typical sites for the formation of cellulite. Age is another risk factor for having cellulite since older women who lose skin elasticity are more prone to having this condition. So with gaining weight during pregnancy and drastically losing it afterward. Although men can suffer from cellulite, it is not as common as in women. When men accumulate excessive fat, this puts pressure on the tissues of the muscular layer and thus causes the skin to resemble an orange peel. The most common causes of cellulite in men are smoking, hormonal changes, circulation problems, excess weight, and excessive alcohol consumption.

There are several studies that show that the problem of cellulite can be solved through lymphatic massages. Before booking an appointment in the spa, it is important to know what is this type of massage.

Anti cellulite massage on the thigh A lymphatic massage promotes the circulation of lymph fluids throughout the body. The lymphatic system functions like a pump that circulates lymph fluid which helps get rid of toxins and wastes from the tissues of the body. This is very important because many health conditions are caused by the build-up of lymphatic fluid in the body. This kind of  massage is also beneficial to people who are experiencing lymphedema, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

If the circulatory system has the heart to pump blood, the lymphatic system depends on the movement of the smooth muscles to transport fluid to the entire body through the lymph vessels. If lymph fluid is built up in a certain area in the body like the arms or legs, those areas may swell-up and cause the condition lymphedema.

A lymphatic massage is excellent for reducing swelling and improving circulation throughout the lymphatic system as it decongests the lymphatic system. This type of massage is also helpful for those suffering from skin disorders, fatigue, insomnia, stress, digestive problems, arthritis, and migraine. However, those who have health issues such as cardiac or renal insufficiency, kidney problems, blood clots, active deep vein thrombosis, active untreated cancer, and infections are advised not to undergo lymphatic drainage massage techniques. Better forgo this procedure too if you had radical abdominal surgery. There should be no massage to the belly during pregnancy especially on the first trimester.

If you are interested in having a lymphatic massage, you must go to a spa where there are trained, professional massage therapists. The massage can be performed in different positions like standing, sitting, or lying down depending on the area of the body being massaged or as long as it is comfortable. The massages for cellulites should be performed with strong moves, as a general rule, the movements must be in a centripetal direction so that the movements are made towards the heart from down to upwards and it is better to use anti-cellulite serum or balm to enhance the effect of the massage. After the procedure, it is important that you drink about two glasses or more of water to help flush the body. This is how to do an anti-cellulite massage:

  • for the thigh area- while in sitting position, knead the thigh with both hands starting from the knee and moving upwards towards the groin. The second step is close to your fists and punches your thighs starting at the knee and moving upwards. Then do the same with your palms open. The third step is to put the fingers of both hands together and firmly move them from the knee upwards; and
  • for the buttock area- this kind of massage is done in a standing position, the first step is to place your hand on the buttock area and massage it with circular rotations starting from the hip and moving to the thigh and then back to the hip. The second step is to pinch and press the skin of the buttocks with both hands.

A lymphatic drainage massage is another kind of massage that is very helpful in cellulite reduction. It is a technique that stimulates the lymph system to drain the buildup of waste fluid from the cells. It also helps a great deal with detoxification, prevents the formation of varicose veins, treatment of acne, speeds up recovery after surgeries, and regeneration and relaxation. This is very effective to rid of cellulite, but it has to be done frequently and consistently for quite a time in order to come up with good results.

Lymphatic massage is an amazing treatment you can undergo without going through a lot of trouble, it is best to avoid liposuction, fat grafting, or other invasive procedures as these sometimes have negative side effects on the body. With all of these information at hand, a lymphatic massage is one of the best natural methods you can use to remove or reduce those cellulites in your body.